Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Riding the Kairos

What a great expression -- "riding the kairos."

It's what Sister Helen Prejean, the Catholic nun whose life is featured in the film "Dead Man Walking," says.

Kairos the Greek word for "significant time," "fullness of time," or "decisive time." When God does something in your life, that's a "kairos moment." Kairos moments are times when we realize we have to make a decision, or we see something we never saw before, or we find ourselves caught up in a change.

Kairos moments are those points in our lives when we have an opportunity to learn something that will change us and the world around us.

Christians are supposed to be people who "ride the kairos."

This blog is going to be a place for sharing views, thoughts, opinions and experiences about how God is at work in us and around us. I'll try to post regularly, and I'd love to be able to address questions about God, faith, doubt, spirituality that are on your minds.

I hope this blog will be a meeting place where we can explore faith together.

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